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2016 was a great year for Smiling Faces providing many toys for lots of poor children in Ecuador.

2017 is going to be an awesome year as well with your generosity and kindness towards the ones that need it the most. Let the toy collection BEGIN !!!


It's That Time Of Year Again!

Smiling Faces is in full preparation for the 2015 Christmas Season. Donated toys, which are accepted year round, have slowly begun to start making their way in. If you have a toy to spare for Christmas or want to donate in your own way please visit as at info@smilingfaces.com or call us at 954 647 1550

Remember, you can be a donor any day of the year! You don't have to wait for Christmas season.

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We are Smiling Faces

Every year across the globe including the USA and Ecuador, Christmas Eve, the 24th of December, is an enthusiastic night, people buying gifts for their love ones and family to show their affection and love. And like everyone, on that very night in 2000, I too was running passionately around Quito to do the same for my family and my loved ones. The time was passing rapidly approaching midnight, the official celebration of gift giving, to get together, and celebrate Christmas Eve with my family. Around 11:45pm, I was driving with my family heading towards my mother’s house when in the distance on an empty street on a cold foggy night in Quito, we observed a small child probably 3 years old, half asleep sitting on top of a small monument with his hand raised up asking for anything to eat or small gift! “ Las Navidades Seniorita”, he was struggling to say anything and this broke my heart. We stopped and ask him where is his family? ….. he kept saying any little thing will help, please help. I told him to stay there and do not move. We drove to my mother’s house and picked up some warm food and a toy and return to the place where we found the little boy anxiously and exhaustingly waiting. I will never forget the look on that little boys face after giving him some warm food and a small toy. The warm food was obviously welcomed, but it was the look on his face that lit up when he saw the small toy that I will never forget. The happiness and smile on his face and his jumping for joy when he received the toy almost took priority over the warm food at the time. Since then every year until now I have been taking suitcases full of toys and spreading the joy of giving to the less unfortunate, specially the little boys and girls of Ecuador.

The Promiese
Since 2000, I promised to continue this effort every Christmas Eve and I have asked friends and other family members to donate toys so that I can distribute to as many Ecuadorian little boys and little girls as possible in Quito and all over Ecuador. For the past years my efforts, along with my family, and friends have grown incredibly and has received overwhelming responses. In order to continue my passion to continue to provide toys on Christmas Eve for the unfortunate children in my hometown of Quito and Ecuador, I have passionately started a new foundation called SMILING FACES. Please help my foundation and me to continue putting smiles on the unfortunate children of Ecuador by contacting this website www.smilingfaces.us to make a donation or send a toy so that you can help me continue my promise to place smiles on the unfortunate children of Ecuador.

Muchas Gracias y Feliz Navidad .
Santiago Banderas, Smiling Faces



Any donation to SMILING FACES will be happily appreciated and welcomed! Anything for a small child from a small toy or a stuffed animal!!!! As infants and toddlers are the most innocent victims of this situation, we are asking that you consider your donation be targeted for an infants and/or toddler.

Easy to do so

If you don’t have time to buy a small toy or do not know what to buy and decide to donate money you can call or text me, Santiago Banderas, at either of our office numbers: 954 647 1550. Or I can be reached by email at: info@smilingfaces.us. You have the option deposit the money directly into to the SMILING FACES bank account or you can send a check payable to smiling faces of Ecuador at our address: 2109 Ne, 25th st wilton manors FL 33305

Thank you

Every person that made a donation will recive pics of how you brought a smile to an unfortunate child that will have nothing this Christmas except for the generosity and kindness of wonderful people like you.
Cada Persona que ha hecho una donación, recibira fotos de como hizo sonreír a un desafortunado niño o niña que no tiene nada mas que ayuda de personas como tu.


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